Cyber Monster Game - Battle Over Thousand Monsters, Battle With Your Best Friends From the World! Cyber Monster Game - Battle Over Thousand Monsters, Battle With Your Best Friends From the World!

Cyber Monster Pet FAQ

2012-09-11 01:22:35

1. Q: How many kinds of pets are there in the game?

A: There’re 6 kinds of pets in Cyber Monster: 1. Humanoid Battle Pet; 2. Elf Battle Pet; 3. Animal Battle Pet; 4. Monster Battle Pet; 5. Dragon Battle Pet; 6. Boss Battle Pet


2. Q: How to get a pet?

A: Go to Monster Guide, defeat any monster or Boss you defeated on the journey and summon it to be your pet.


3. Q: Is there any difference among pets of different kinds?

A: Of course, they have differences. Humanoid battle pet is much faster with SPR in the battle; Elf battle pet is good at dodging; Animal battle pet excels at the physical attack; Monster battle pet is skilled in dealing magic damage; Dragon pet bears high initial stats and growth; Boss battle pet has overall strong stats, but is very hard to get.


4. Q: What other options do I have to get the pet besides summoning?

A: You can attend the in-game activities to get the pets or just buy them in the shop, as a wide range of interesting and powerful pets are available in the in-game activities and shop, such as Kung fu Panda and superman. Meanwhile, such achievement pets as Cupid and Bahamut are also attainable in the game.


5. Q: How to raise my pet?

A: You can level up your pet to increase its basic stats. Besides, you can use Element, Crystal, and Coupon to redeem the pet growth or buy some items to raise it.


6. Q: Will a pet die?

A: In the current version, pet will stay alive even if it dies in the battle. If it’s your wish to make it disappear for good, you can seal the pet and get 1 powerful signet meanwhile.


7. Q: What kind of signets does the pet have?

A: Like the pet, the signet is divided into 6 kinds: humanoid, elf, monster, dragon, animal and Boss. Pets with different signets restrict or benefit each other.

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