Cyber Monster Mother`s Day Event Announcement

2013-05-10 00:23:00

Dear Adventurers:




Mother’s Day is just around the corner. What will you do to express your gratitude to your mother? Would you like to send a gift and take a photo with your mother as a token of your love to her? Mother’s Day event is here to commemorate Mother’s Day and help you have a good time on that day. Just participate and you’ll get various gifts for free. Join in with your friends and send best wishes to your mother!


Event Name:Mother’s Love - Thank You, Mom

Duration:May 11, 0:00:01 - May 13, 23:59:59(GMT-6)

Realm:All servers



1.During the event, top up any amount of coupons to get 20% bonus. For example, if you top up 1000 coupons, you’ll immediately get extra 200 coupons!

2.During the event, we’ll send free gift packs to players of all servers around 00:00 every day!

3.During the event, as long as you send gifts to your mother, take a photo of you and your mom or record a video, submit it on your Facebook or Twitter page with the following texts: Thank your love, Mummy----Cyber Monster, Real Love!, you’ll be awarded with 500 crystals!

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