Cyber Monster Summer Online Event Notice

2013-06-24 21:03:59

Ahoy adventurers,

To let you better enjoy the game in the summer vacation, Cyber Monster team has especially made this free and rewarding summer online event. As long as you can get online every day, the rewards will come all the way to you. Grab friends and jump into the world of Cyber Monster now!


Event Name:Summer Online Event

Duration:June 25-July 23



1.During the event, the reward for daily online reward is doubled. i.e., players can get twice the following items.

5 Mins

Speed Potion*1

10 Mins

Low Growth+1*1

30 Mins

Double EXP Scroll*1

60 Mins

Money Card*1,10 Crystals,5 Energy

120 Mins

Daily Quest Scroll*1,20Crystals,5 Energy

180 Mins

High Growth+10*1,Mystic Monster Card*1,30 Crystals,10 Energy


2.During the event, players can get the items and extra 200 Crystals as long as they finish 200 Point for Daily Must-Do.

Meanwhile, add Energy 6 times every day and players can get Money Card*10; Using Pandora Box 6 times every day can get you Element Card*5; Using Philosopher's Stone 20 times every day can get you Small Crystal Bag*2. Players can get each of the above rewards once per day;


3.Weekly online time can not only get you the gift pack from the system but also the extra item:

16-48H--- Mount EXP Card*1

49-84H---Mount EXP Card*2

85-119H---Mount EXP Card*3

120H or above---Mount EXP Card*4


4.Top up 300 Coupons or above in one order during the event and you can get 50 Crystals that will be directly added to your bag.

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