Cyber Monster S6-Forsakens Blood New Server Opened!

2012-12-13 21:51:56

Dear Warriors,


Since the release of Cyber Monster, we've received warm welcome from players all around the world. In order to provide better gaming experience, we decide to open a new server S6-Forsakens Blood on Dec 14th, at 0:00:01! Dive into the new adventure now!


And feel free to join the 6 great events in the new server!


Event No.1

Event Name:New Adventure,Double Surprise!


Description:Double items of Newbie Card Pack up for grab in the Cyber Monster New Server!

Newbie Card Pack:Double click the pack to get Gold*10000, Crystal*100, Pet Expand Scroll*1, Full Repairs*5.


Event No.2

Event Name:Top up to Get Crystal!


Server:Only servers 6

Description:You’ll get the same amount of crystal as the top-up history amount reached at least 300 Coupons at the end of the event. The top 50 spenders can also get the same amount of Elements. It’s surely the best deal you won’t miss out!

Example:Player A topped up 100$(i.e., 3,000 Coupons) in the event, so he gets 3,000 Crystals at the end of the event. If he is one of top 50 spenders, player A can also get 3,000 Elements! What a great bargain!


Event No.3

Event Name:Exchange 15,000Combat Ability for Free 10,000 Crystals

Duration:12.14, 0:00:01 – 12, 24 23:59:59

Description:during the event, get one of your characters’ Combat Ability to 15,000 or higher and you can get 10,000 Crystals for free. Getting the Crystals is just that easy! Don’t let the best deal get away! Join now!

Note:Make sure to get the Combat Ability to 10,000 Crystals during the event. Hurry up and work hard!!!


Event No.4

Event:I Love this Game!

Date:12.14 – 12.31

Object:All Cyber Monster lovers

How-to:From now, post this on your Facebook or Twitter:Cyber Monster, I love this Game!Visit to join Us!And if you got more than 20 likes, then you can claim 15 crystals for each like after this event. E.g. if you got 50 likes to your post, then you can contact CS using the link or screenshot to claim 750 crystals!

Maximum 1500 crystals for each account and character!


Event No.5

Event:Dominate the World – Cyber Monster Server Naming and Leveling Up Campaign

Date:2012.12.14 – 2013.01.23

Instructions:Leveling up competition will be held between 12.14 and 01.23. After the event, top 3 above Lv.88 (at least Lv.89) characters in each server will receive massive rewards and the No.1 player will have the right to name his server!

Ranking rewards:

No.1:Baby Bahamut*1,Baby Superman*1, High Growth+30*15, Mystic Monster Card*10, Wavebreaker Summoner*10, Advance Spar*3,  Horn Bag*3, Pet Potion Bag*20, Daily Quest Scroll*20, Fiend Nucleus*50

No.2:Grown Bahamut*1, High Growth+30*10, Monster Scroll·Dragon*10, Double EXP Scroll*20, Advance Spar*1, Transmit Scroll A*10, Horn Bag*3, Fiend Nucleus*30, Fast Potion*30

No.3:Small Bahamut*1, High Growth+30*5, Monster Scroll·Devil*10, Daily Quest Scroll*10, Philosopher's Stone*50, Mix Potion*10, Fiend Nucleus*20


Event NO. 6

Event name:Fastest Level Prize


Server:Only servers 6

Details:During the event, top 3 players who use the shortest time to hit level 72 will be rewarded! If you have reached lv.72, please contact our customer service immediately. The prize will be sent according to the report of customer service and game database.

First place:10,000Crystal+5,000 Element+300 Coupons+Fast Potion*50

Second place:8,000 Crystal+3,000 Element+200 Coupons+Fast Potion*30

Third place:5,000 Crystal+1,500 Element+100 Coupons+Fast Potion*20


All the above rewards will be sent after prize list published asap,Thanks for your support and patient!!

Rules:The No.1 player can send naming requests by either contacting our CS or posting threads in the forum. You are free to name the server, however please make sure the followings are obeyed:

1.The server you name must be the one which your winning character is in. e.g. If your character in S1 wins, then you can only name S1.

2.Please keep the name within 20 Bytes.

3.As the server name is open to all players, your proposal will be examined. Any name that includes sexual, political, racial or cultural discrimination messages will be banned and a new name is required.

4.Your server name will be valid for 2 months without any cost. We will change the server name back afterwards.

5.Game321 and Cyber Monster operation team reserve the rights of final explanation.

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