Third Wave of Summer Events-Dream Carnival Notice

2013-06-04 00:16:44

Ahoy adventurers,


The hot June is sneaking upon us! Let’s make it hotter! Cyber Monster Summer Event Series-Dream Carnival will have all your dreams satisfied and give you an unforgettable summer! Moreover, awesome items will be free to redeem! Grab your friends and join us!


Event Name:Summer Dream Carnival

Duration:June 4, 0:00:01 - June 13, 23:59:59

Servers:All (Servers opened during the event included)


1.Killing any monster during the event may net you a chance for Dream Shard. The higher level the monster, the better the chance, and the more items you get! Players can use Dream Shard to redeem the following items from the City of Dawn’s NPC:

10 Dream Shards=Element Card*1

30 Dream Shards=Rose*5

50 Dream Shards=Big Crystal Bag(Crystal*100)*1

100 Dream Shards=Mount EXP Card*1

500 Dream Shards=Divorce Pact*1

600 Dream Shards=Pumpkin King’s Ring*1

1000 Dream Shards=HP Pack*1

1000 Dream Shards=Slaughter Pack*1

1000 Dream Shards=Bright Pack*1

1000 Dream Shards=Dark Pack*1

2000 Dream Shards=Diamond Eternal Ring *1

2000 Dream Shards=Thanksgiving Ring*1

3000 Dream Shards=Flame Chariot Pack*1

8000 Dream Shards=Festive Belt (Warrior)

8000 Dream Shards=Festive Belt (Shooter)

8000 Dream Shards=Festive Belt (Mage)

8000 Dream Shards=Festive Belt (Priest)

10000 Dream Shards=Lollipop Cloak*1

10000 Dream Shards=Heart of the Ocean*1

20000 Dream Shards=100S Weapon Box


2.Players can use Dream Shard as the coins to join lucky draws at City of Dawn's Love Angel. At first, 10 Dream Shards will be required. Then, the cost increases by 10 each time. Totally, 100 Dream Shards can be spent and on the next day, all is reset. As regard to the reward, you may draw 90S Weapon Box, Lollipop Cloak, Diamond Pet Bag and other high value items. Good luck!


3.Meanwhile, Dream Shard is available in the Shop. You can buy the debris to redeem all items! 100 Dream Shards only cost 250 Coupons. Don’t let the bargain slip away!


4.In addition, to thank for your support to Cyber Monster, players will be given Crystal*30 for each 100 Coupons you top up during the event! Once you finish top-up, the Crystals will be automatically sent. The more you top up, the more Crystals you can get!

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