Cyber Monster New Server S19-Shadow`s End Open!

2013-06-24 20:19:47

Hi warriors,


A new server S19-Shadow’s End will be released soon. We believe you'll enjoy a great gaming experience in this new world of Cyber Monster. Meanwhile, 6 new server events are waiting for you! Why not invite your friends with you to join us and win some awesome rewards. Let's battle for your glory!


Event NO.1

Name:New Adventure, Double Surprise!


Details:Use newbie card in the new server will get twice as of items!

Newbie card : Double click the pack to get Gold*10000, Crystal*100, Pet Expand Scroll*1, Full Repairs*5.


Event NO.2

Name:Top up to Win Crystal!

Duration:2013.06.25 0:00:01-2013.06.27 23:59:59


Details:You’ll get the same amount of crystal as the top-up history amount reached at least 600 Coupons at the end of the event. The more you top up, the more crystals you’ll get. Meanwhile, the top 10 players on the top-up ranking list will win elements of the same value. Don’t miss!

Example:Player A Top-up 5000 coupons during the event, A will receive 5000 crystals. If A is ranked the top 10 of the top-up ranking, 5000 elements will be awarded!


Event NO.3

Name:Exchange 15,000 Combat Ability for Free 10,000 Crystals

Duration:2013.06.25 0:00:01-2013.06.27 23:59:59

Description:during the event, get one of your characters’ Combat Ability to 15,000 or higher and you can get 10,000 Crystals for free. Getting the Crystals is just that easy! Don’t let the best deal get away! Join now!

Note:Make sure to get the Combat Ability to 10,000 Crystals during the event. Hurry up and work hard!!!


Event NO.4

Name:I am the Grandmaster!!!


Details:Invite 10 or more friends through the Mark of Fate-Friends Invitation page and let them reach higher than lv.60 during the event, you’ll receive a free Grandmaster Pack worth $200! (Claim the pack on event page once you meet the requirement)

Go to Mark of Fate-Friends Invitation Page


Event NO.5

Event:Dominate the World-Cyber Monster Server Naming and Leveling Up Campaign

Date: 2013.06.25-2013.07.24

Instructions: Leveling up competition will be held between 06.25 and 07.24. After the event, top 3 above Lv.89 (at least Lv.90) characters in each server will receive massive rewards and the No.1 player will have the right to name his server!

Ranking rewards:

No.1:Baby Bahamut*1,Baby Superman*1, High Growth+30*15, Mystic Monster Card*10, Wavebreaker Summoner*10, Advance Spar*3,Horn Bag*3, Pet Potion Bag*20, Daily Quest Scroll*20, Fiend Nucleus*50

No.2:Grown Bahamut*1, High Growth+30*10, Monster Scroll·Dragon*10, Double EXP Scroll*20, Advance Spar*1, Transmit Scroll A*10, Horn Bag*3, Fiend Nucleus*30, Fast Potion*30

No.3:Small Bahamut*1, High Growth+30*5, Monster Scroll·Devil*10, Daily Quest Scroll*10, Philosopher's Stone*50, Mix Potion*10, Fiend Nucleus*20


Event NO.6

Event name:Fastest Level Prize

Duration:2013.06.25 0:00:01-2013.06.27 23:59:59

Server:Only S19

Details:During the event, top 3 players who use the shortest time to hit level 72 will be rewarded! If you have reached lv.72, please contact our customer service immediately. The prize will be sent according to the report of customer service and game database.

First place:10,000Crystal+5,000 Element+Fast Potion*50

Second place:8,000 Crystal+3,000 Element+Fast Potion*30

Third place:5,000 Crystal+1,500 Element+Fast Potion*20

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