Cyber Monster 1 Operation Adjustment & User Migration & Compensation

2013-07-31 00:33:43

Ahoy adventurers,


Cyber Monster has been popular with the majority of players since it was launched a year ago with its grand view of world, intense battles, diversified pet system, balanced economic system and class growth. During the operation, we’ve made reasonable and timely changes to the game after considering players’ suggestions and rolled out massive events and new features, which were positively evaluated by players. However, despite our efforts, Cyber Monster didn’t make into Facebook and other platforms in the Northern America, because we failed to acquire the license to operate Cyber Monster on Facebook and the number of online users is not quite satisfying. In spite of that, we don’t give up the enthusiastic players. After negotiation and discussion with the developer of Cyber Monster, we’re now very delighted to announce that: we’ve acquired the exclusive right for Cyber Monster 2 in Northern America. As the replacement of Tamer Saga and the update version of Cyber Monster, Cyber Monster 2 will be available to all players in the world at Facebook, Game321 and other platforms we cooperate with.


Based on Cyber Monster 1, Cyber Monster 2 will present you a more fantastic adventure world and a more thrilling battle journey with better graphics, pet types, gamplays, user experience, game balance, interaction and battle mode. It’s a game that you won’t miss out! A brand new world is awaiting you in Cyber Monster 2 on August 20!


We promise to give the best returns and compensation to players who played Cyber Monster and join Cyber Monster 2!


Surprise 1:Old Player Gift pack

All CM1 players will claim an Old Player Gift pack of $999 value after joining CM2. You don’t need to login recently or have a history top-up record! All you need is that you have a character in CM1!


Surprise 2:Warm Return Pack

As long as you’ve topped up in CM1, you can claim a Warm Return Pack worth $8888 after joining CM2. Thanks for your support and efforts all the time!


Surprise 3:Level Boost Pack

Have an Lv.80 and higher character in CM1 and you can claim a Level Boost Pack of $1888 value after joining CM2!


There are more in CM2 apart from the above amazing gift packs!


As long as you level up your character to Lv.60 during CM2 Closed Beta, we’ll transfer all coupons of your main character in CM1 to the character in CM2. Meanwhile, we’ll add 10% of your total amount of coupons in history in CM1 to your character in CM2 as a special bonus. For the criteria and details, please refer to relavent event after CM2 Closed Beta goes live!


Also, we’ll continue to roll out more fabulous events and free gift packs to benefit players who support and love Cyber Monster! Your understanding and love for the game always drive us!


Finally, in order to provide a better gaming environment for all Cyber Monster 2 players, we’ll properly adjust operation policy for Cyber Monster: starting from 0:00:01, July 31, Cyber Monster 1 will close top-up and registration, but we’ll send all players a Gratitude Gift Pack! Please rest assured that we won’t close and stop operating Cyber Monster after Cyber Monster 2 goes live! Rumors are not fun, please don’t spread them to anyone!


We hope that all players who have played Tamer Saga and Cyber Monster can join us when Cyber Monster 2 is launched! See you in the new world on August 20!


Cyber Monster Operation Team

July 31, 2013

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